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What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that – when you connect to a Web site – are transferred to your computer and stored in association with the files used by the browser.


Why use cookies?

Chiesi Pharma AB sites uses cookies as a memory aid that allows the Web site to remember your computer when you next visit. It also remembers the choices you made on the site and improves the user experience on the site.



Which cookies does Chiesi use?

As a visitor you may choose to set the language on the page, change the text size or prefer a special version of the site (for example, high contrast), and then we use a "user-customizable cookie". It remembers your previous choices and uses them for your future visits to the site so that you do not have do this again. There are parts of the Chiesi website that require registration in order for that user to access the content. For that, we use an "authentication cookie” on that page. This gives the user permission to move back and forth on the page without having to register again.

If you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer and use the video player on the site, "flash cookies" will be stored on your computer. These cookies are used to store data needed to play video or audio content and store the user's preferences.

It is in Chiesi’s interest to try to understand how our visitors to use the site. To count the number of visitors, get information how the pages are used and identify the keywords that led visitors here, we use an "analysis-cookie". By analyzing the interaction of the site, we can optimise the usability of the page.

The site uses Google Analytics. Google places a "third party cookies" in your computer, and the information these cookies collect will be transferred to and stored by Google in accordance with its privacy practices.

All data that is collected through the use of cookies is stored and managed by Chiesi or by Chiesi-approved companies in the countries where we operate. For more information, see the Privacy Policy.


How to control and delete cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings in your browser to notify you when cookies are sent to your computer. You can also choose to refuse cookies altogether.

If you want to limit or block browser cookies put on your device, you can do this through your browser (the help function in your browser will tell you how).

You can find detailed help on www.aboutcookies.org




End session

Session cookie used to maintain an anonymous browsing session


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies