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Here you can find declarations of value transfers from Chiesi to health care professionals (HCP) and health care organisations (HCO).


At Chiesi, it is important to have a continuous dialogue and collaboration with patient organizations in the therapy areas we work in. Our goal is to support patients by promoting sustainable access to care.

To succeed with this:

- We listen and try to understand the patients’, and their relatives', disease journey.

- We engage in a broad dialogue, beyond treatment, to increase awareness, diagnosis, access and support.

- We include the patient's voice in the development process

- We support the patient throughout his/her disease journey

In order to show that patient organizations work independently and that Chiesi does not control their guidelines for professional and interest-political views, it is important to be transparent about our collaborations. We are therefore publishing our collaborations with, and support to, patient organizations on our website.

Our agreements with patient organizations have a clause on transparency.


Here you can find reports on agreements between Chiesi and Patient Organisations (PAGs).